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"The Sonoran Collection"

Inspired by my desert roots, and New Year's, and fitness, and a general like for cactus. I've got three finished, so I supposed I can call it a collection now.

I had a lot of fun making these, I always start with a paper sketch or ProCreate "digital paper sketch" for all the stuff I make. I find that ProCreate does an awesome job mimicking a pencil. It's never the same of course, but I like the 6b pencil in the program its the closest to working on paper.

So after the draft sketch, and approval from my family that these ideas "worked", I transferred them into Illustrator, except for the cholla (i.e. emotional support cactus, everything save for the pot was done in Photoshop). I did the outlining in Illustrator using Retro Supply's Grave Etcher and Cross Hatch Brushes. *I'd like to say, I don't like Illustrator, except for font work, I prefer ClipStudio's versatility and intuitiveness, but I just can't get all the add-on's in ClipStudio that I can for Illustrator.* The font I believe is Purveyor (rough). I used two colors. (Illustrator is great for font work.)

I did the rest of the color work in Photoshop using Retro Supply Co's Space Ranger Brushes. I like the rough " conte crayon/pencil-like" texture they produce. Finally, I added one texture layer, I used a paper pack I got from Design Cuts and did an overlay to get the yellow texture in the background.

One of the big lessons learned on these was that not to pick a cactus with too many spines. I learned from the saguaro that Illustrator was having issues creating a psd.from the file because of all the spine components. So, I decided to do all the spines for the cholla in photoshop, and not joking, it took me the whole day to make, cut, paste, and rotate the what felt like 10 billion spines for that thing. Next cactus, def picking one with less spine work.

Anyway all three of these are available in stickers, shirts, etc. in my shops:

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