• The Arist

Do Not Pet!

So, the sketch was done pretty quickly, but getting the final look right took forever, and when I finished fiddling with it the file size was a whopping 1G, crazy. I never manage the sizes right, I finally got it smashed down after a lot more fiddling, but it would be nice if I managed the right from the start.

I did this one in Illustrator, Photoshop and Clipstudio. You know what would be nice, to merge the best features of each of these programs, so one does not have to switch back and forth between them, alas a dream that will never come true.

I used some textures from RetroSupply along with some of their brushes, The font is Purveyor Rough, and the drawings, well those are of my best pal Jr. The Maligator.

If you like the art, you can get the t-shirt version or (stickers or other stuff) here: