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Artist of One

I herald from an artistic family; I am a 3rd generation visual artist, creative writer and musician. I have also been in the "business of art" for well over a decade having shown in multiple galleries, juried competitions, venues and in different states. 

I have a formal art background, more than 6 years of education in ceramic sculpture, painting and drawing, BUT, I have learned never limit myself to one medium or style. I constantly experiment with new creations, processes, and always work to refine prior skills. 

The versatility of my artistic approach is reflected in the range of subjects, and series of art work I create; sculptures of birds, next to pastels of chickens, fruit, and wildlife surrounded by outer space. All of which are made in a variety of mediums from oil paint, acrylic and pastel to metal leafing. 

I am driven by the creative process to always try something new, and create "art for art's sake."

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"The Key to Happiness is Happiness"



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April Painter

Anchorage, Alaska

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Traditional Media

Oils, Acrylics, Clay, Metal, and More

9. Norman.jpg
3. Portrait of a Pup.jpg
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7. Apples For Sale.jpg
birch watercolor.jpg
5. Bean Cows.jpg
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4. Almost Eagle Nebula.jpg
Teeth .jpg
6. Surfy.jpg
Ortho Tree.jpg

Digital Media

Ipad, Apple Pencil, Adobe, ClipStudio and more..

Grill A Mockingbird copy.png
We R Here copy.png
Best Jam Jelly Fish copy.png
SPL copy.png
Bacon wrapped Chicken 2 copy.png
Ballon-Wa pee.png
Maligator One.png
Shark Taco Too.png
Gabe Surgery .png
that guy.png
Alien T.png
Sheariously Too.png
Polar Plunge Pilsner.png
Fat Frog IPA.png
Lazy Worm Cider .png
Ninja Bunny.png
The G.O.A.T. Pale ALe.png
Imperial Snout.png
Uni-Pega-Horse Porter.png
Mummy Banana Too.png
Two Skinny Hares IPA.png
Itchy Wolf Amber.png
Big Raven Porter.png
Octo Lager.png
Maligator Too.png
Rattlesnake Lager.png
Pink Pigpocolypse.png
Mermaid Soup.png